My husband and I moved from North Germany to the north of Italy in 2021, well not quite. We have been living in Verbania on Lake Maggiore since 2021. We both stopped working with being mid 50 years old. We live very minimalistic in a very small house in the middle of a mountain called Montorosso. You can hike around the mountain for days and always find something new. Adjacent to our village is the large nature reserve Val Grande. This also invites you to incredible tours. But of course Lake Maggiore is particularly beautiful. Here we enjoy our life. I dedicate myself to my art and writing. Last year, after just a year of living here, I got breast cancer. I got through everything well, but my soul hasn't quite caught up yet. Maybe I'll write a little about it here too. The older podcasts from before 2023 are in German. Sorry for this, but maybe there are some German Readers too. Soon I will publish a new one in English just for here.

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I am German Artist, living in Italy on the beautiful Lake Maggiore since August 2021. I love to draw in my sketchbook and to write.